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RECENT DESIGNS: "Flight of Fancy"? Updated 22/4/05


April 2005 Like an eagle perched and ready to launch....

South East / Street 3D view, Horrell Robb house
As a pilot and being keen on all forms of aviation, David was very open to the idea of styling this new home for Tania and himself around aeronautical themes. It was just as well because I had designed the floor plan around a radial grid of 20 degree segments so any form of traditional styling had long gone out the window.

Street View
Equivilent actual photo of computer view above. Please excuse the neighbours weeds...!

Central Roof
Curved central roof with hopper and stainless steel downpipe which also appears to be a support post angled at 10 degrees.

Photo from East
Completed house and getting ready to take off! See equivilent computer image below, prepared BEFORE house was built!

East View
The central 2 segments of the grid contain a two storey structure comprising Master bedroom etc above and BR2 and 3 with bathroom below. The remaining rooms wrap around this central "fuselage" at a floor level half way between the other two. A wing or kite shaped roof flows over the central section while low pitch roofs falling in two directions cover the two side "wings".

North West view
Walls on or parallel to the radial grid are "heavily" clad with dark metallic painted Hardies compressed sheet in a 1200mm grid while connecting walls are of lighter appearance in horizontal corrugated Zincalume. Parapets and wing walls are a feature of the heavy walls and are shaped to align with the roof pitch and sloping walls. Window shapes continue and accentuate these forms.

View from South West
To help the building "fly" or float above the ground, foundations are designed of steel struts, braces and cantilevered beams all anchored by heavy concrete foundation beams. Joinery, and metal work including the balustrades are brightly coloured to contrast the dark and neutral cladding tones. Thanks David and Tania, I had a lot of fun with this one.

Entrance at night
Entrance at night.

Dining and Kitchen
Dining and Kitchen, note that ceiling slopes with roof in two directions!!

Sunken Bath
Main bathroom features a sunken bath with windows at floor level affording expansive views over Tasman bay while maintaining total privacy.

Interior Entry Looking the other way
Entrance Lobby Entrance Lobby looking other way.


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