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2001: Hebberd Renovation, Okiwi Bay, Marlborough Sounds.

Well known folks in Okiwi Bay Maurie and Jennifer Hebberd decided to completely renovate their beach house on The Parade, with the view to moving there permanently. 2007 Update: Photos of completed project below.

Completed Project from Esplanade
Completed Hebberd Renovation viewed from the Esplanade.

Design Notes: The archetype “Kiwi Bach”, from a style standpoint, is traditionally and unashamedly, an evolution of and a culmination of the needs and resources of its (often) long history of occupants. 
Completed Renovation from NE see 'before' photo below
North East view of completed renovation: -   'Before' photo (below) Lower deck and balustrade are same, whole upper storey is added as well as veranda roof.

Hebberd House (Before) from NE
Hebberd Bach (before) viewed from the North East.

Typically the resulting buildings that endure, display an eclectic mix of materials each added piece reflecting the period from which sourced and together accumulating to form a familiar style, each with its own quirkiness.

Completed Building from West
View of completed building from the West and from the adjacent reserve.

Existing Hebberd house from NW
'Before' View from the West, and from the adjacent reserve.

Existing materials, components and colours have been untouched save for a little dressing up. New additions have been considered, not in keeping with the existing, but following the common “bach practise” of departing from such. Designed in sympathy with the nautical environment while paying homage to the prevailing “Kiwi Bach” heritage found in abundance in this Marlborough Sounds area.
Hebberd finished Renovation from South West

View of completed house from the south west. Okiwi Bay fore- shore in the background.

Hebberd house existing from SW
View of original house and lean-to Garage from the south west.

South West view Computer rendering Hebberd House
Equivilent computer model rendering from the South West showing the additions.


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