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Coddington Eaton House

Upper Moutere
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A couple growing hops in the Upper Moutere area had a small area of steep ground on their land - no good for growing hops, but great as a house site with good sun and views down the Moutere Valley. Their needs and budget was modest with a design brief for just a single bedroom home with a loft space.

A designated site had been identified by a Geotech engineer and along with 5m setbacks from boundaries there was only one place I could put the building. A passive solar home is not as easy to design on a steep slope where a pole platform foundation was proposed; my solution was to design a suspended concrete slab to the main living space only - over an engineer designed floor & foundation. An adobe wall, made from golden Moutere clay, will also provide additional thermal mass behind the log fire corner. A deck was only possible on the west side due to set back limitations but this proved to be the best place providing great views ove`r the hop orchard on the flats below and direct access from the kitchen window. Tall glazing units on the north side provide the solar gain. Access to the loft is via a ships ladder cleverly nestled over the top of the laundry cupboard. Cladding is simple and economic stained plywood cladding with cover battens at 600 c/c. All insulation is Terralana wool to full levels, including under the timber floor. A future additional 2 bedrooms to the south will be possible via access through the walk-in wardrobe.

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